My name is Pontus Hjelm. I'm a passionate professional songwriter/producer/artist from
Gothenburg, Sweden.

I've been writing and producing music professionally since 2007 when I co-founded the band Dead by April
We established the band in the Myspace era which back then was the equivalent of what Facebook is today.
We'd put out songs/demos quite often and quickly gained followers. Labels and publishers soon bagan to
contact us and we ended up signing a publishing deal with EMI Publishing in 2008. A few months after that,
we also signed with the label Universal Music Group.

I've been touring the world ever since, and have had the opportunity to work with many great
artists, songwriters, and producers. However, this is Studio PH Sweden. Here is where I do all of my work.
feel free to head on over to the reference page to see and listen to projects I've been involved in so far.

Here are some achivements I've recieved throughout the years: